Environmental Policy

The Village Kitchen is committed to environmentally sound business practices. We conduct our business in a manner that respects and protects the quality of the environment, striving towards limiting emissions to the water, air and land and the efficient use of resources.

As Directors we believe that all The Village Kitchen’s employees and everyone associated with the Company have an important role to play in achieving our environmental objectives and targets.

The Village Kitchen
To achieve this we will :

  • Include environmental consideration in our annual business review to ensure that environmental management remains an integral part of our operations.
  • Provide appropriate information, communication and training to build internal and external understanding of the company’s environmental commitment.
  • Encourage a similar environmental commitment from all of our suppliers.
  • Identify and implement ways to improve the efficiency with which we use resources, including water, packaging, energy, chemicals and raw materials.
  • Reduce, re-use and recycle our on-site wastes wherever practicable to ensure that we dispose of our key wastes safely and with minimal impact.
  • Conduct an annual review on our environmental objectives and targets, always striving for improvement.

Recycling :

The Village Kitchen sources recyclable packaging for all its' products.

Energy :

The Village Kitchen has installed a 30kw solar system on its roof to supply the major portion of its electrical requirements.